dinsdag 29 mei 2018

Miniature Wargames 421

Taking a stroll through the newest edition of the magazine, the May 2018 issue, it`s time to have a look at it`s contents.

The cover articles of new sculpting techniques and the Cavalier report made me pick it up, but I had no idea what was actually inside for the rest.

So as usual, the bold marked articles picked my intrests...


Forward Observer - news on recent releases

Send Three and Fourpence - a look at what motivates wargamers in what they do

Hell By Daylight - the final part for 20th century skirmish rules

One of these Things is Not Like the Others - a view on historical and fantasy wargaming.

Villiers Bocage 1944: scenarios for the Normandy actions of 1944

A Cavalier Approach - show report

Dark Horizons - a look at the newest franchise from Modiphius, Star Wars Legions and more fantasy and sci-fi releases... including the Burrows and Badgers game I`m going to get for me and Noshi.

The Path to Frostgrave - how to write and a new scenario for Frostgrave

Putty to Pixels - a very intresting article on how models are now sculpted by computer instead of by hand

The Future is Foam - how to make scenery with EVA foam, a material I know all to well as a cosplayer intressee

The Victorio Campaign - this article is a guide to western gunfights in the 1870 to 1886 era

Recce - a look at the latest wargaming reading releases

Swampy River - the wargaming widow builds some scenery

WWW Wargaming Web World - a look at how to set up and manage online wargaming communities

And that is it.  While I foound no less then 7 articles intresting, it leaves me with a bit of a mixed feeling.  Thing is, most of them where either opinion pieces, or general intrest articles, but only one was actually about a possible historical gaming project in the from of the Victorio article.  Heck, it only contained FOUR articles for gaming anyways (Victorio, Frostgrave, Daylight and Bocage) whoch isn`t a lot at all for a wargaming magazine...

So no, this was a rather weak issue for a "wargamer" if looked at objectively.

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