zondag 27 mei 2018

The Haul Report 135

What a nice week this was again, as I collected a price I won through Japancon's Facebook page, as well as a little find on a fleamarket.

But let`s start with this beauty:

A lovely Gundam kit, that was won by one of those Like and Share contests for the new event.  Now, I couldn`t actually get there, even though I wanted, due to a massive public transportation strike lasting 4 days here in Belgium.

Luckily, the owner of GunPla Builders Benelux, Raffaele, is also a Puppeteer it turns out, so I could collect my box on thursday at their clubevening instead.

Another small find I made was finally a DVD copy of the Patriot on the year market in Borsbeek, just because I like to have certain movies for the collection.
Through the mail arrived a small parcel I scored on eBay, containing some additional figures for my Future War Commander force.  This means 5 bases of Marines, 3 Land Raiders and 14 Rhino`s will soon join the ranks of the pink legion!

The last thing I got this week is a freebie, a set of the Salute 2018 dice through our club, whom had received a batch of them as gifts.

So a good week for sure, and onwards now to the next one, where I hope an important piece of loot will be delivere this sunday...

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