woensdag 23 mei 2018

Tiny crazy women with chainswords...

Well, I finally did it, I finished my lacerators squad after appearing for weeks on end in my painting desk overviews...

It`s not that I didn`t want to, but other things just kept going in front of them on the paintline.

And then we started playing FWC again, and I finished them up.  This gives me an additional 5 bases of jump pack armed troops to take the fight asap to the enemy, something I found out is really neccessary with the Marine Corps list.

The models are Fallen Sisters Lacerators, from the Hellborn faction.  I believe I ordered them last year through Onslaught models, though not entirely sure on that part, mea culpa.

Sporting "open chest armour" (how lovely put is that!) and big whirring chainswords, these ladies are ready to rip some holes in whatever comes their way!

Now to get some more armoured support for the force...

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