zaterdag 19 mei 2018

The Haul Report 134

It`s a big one this week, as I received first and foremost the rulebook and figures to start playing a new game with Noshi!

And that game is Burrows and Badgers, the adventure warband game using all kinds of cute and furry animals...

Published through Osprey for the rules and Oathsworn who created the figures, this game by Michael Lovejoy is just to cute for words, and after my last two "must paint" units are done, I`m going to throw myself on these figures and we will be battling it out for sure... including hopefully even YouTube battle reports and all.

I also obtained two packs of Renedra bases as I said in an earlier painting desk video, I suddenly saw I was out of them, and these should get me sailing until Crisis I hope.

Freebies are nice, and this week I received my Fang N Hood model I won through a Guess the Price contest by Greebo Games.  A really fantastic model on which I`ll do an unboxing video soon, and whom I`ll look forward to painting.

Patrick from Pat's Celtic Cross brought along my Union regiment box, meaning that I can like turbo assemble and paint my final regiment for the ACW big battle in three weeks time, and afterwards bring all my remaining regiments up to 24 models each.

Another "free aquisition" *cough* from Gent's citytrip last weekend was this magazine, which has some nice articles albiet in dutch.  It is the summer 2017 number, but history remains history after all...

A varied heap of stuff this week for sure, but the Burrows game is the crown of the collection expansion!

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