zondag 29 april 2018

What I painted in April 2018

Well, not only has the Painting Challenge deflation set in this month, the fact I got back to my job half of april cut into the painting time as well.

And as such, I didn`t paint those big amounts of figures, ticking off at 19 models.

The most urgent entry this month, as they where needed on the battlefield a forthnight after receiving them, have been this "half box" of Gripping Beast cavalry for my Dux force.

I also painted up two more of the Crisis figures, in the forms of the Belgian kings Leopold II and Albert I.

But that`s about it for the "must do's", in between, some odds and ends where finished, being a 28mm Violin Player, the remainder of the 15mm dwarf cultists from the challenge, the test model for my Blood Bowl team and a Champion for a fresh squad of Emperor's Children marines... yeah I know, just a small amount of models indeed.

Oh, and some gaming essentials in the form of 9 more movement trays... with 50 ordered now for "traying" all my forces xD

Well, that`s it for this month.  In the coming 31 days, my goal will be (well, it`s a bit of a must) to paint two full 20 man regiments of ACW Union for the megagame beginning of June, but that will probably be about it again as well.


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