dinsdag 25 februari 2014

A Card Gamble... that paid off

One of the things I tend to do to keep my 'for trade' pile up to volume, is browse the net for cheap sealed booster boxes, especially for World of Warcraft.

With the cardgame at an end, the boxes are experiencing a strange curvature.  While english boxes keep rising in price, the foriegn ones like spanish, italian and german are sinking faster then the Titanic in price (bar those including the better looking mounts like the Drake, Spectral Tiger etc).

So now and then, I buy 2 or 3 booster boxes from magiccardmarket and hope for the better loot to be 'dropped', a risk but at a price of around 15 to 20 euros for a box, a limited one.

So today a parcel arrived from germany, containing a box of Scourgewar and a box of March of the Legion, together (excluding shipping) totalling 34 euros.  Both sets have a 'crap common' loot card in the set, but also two pet loot cards in the uncommon and rare loot slot each, so if even one of them would come out of the box I would break even, all the rest would be bonus.

Now after cracking first the March of the Legion box, this was a disappointment: only a single loot card, the Paper Airplane toy.  But then it went steeply uphill!

I cracked open the Scourgewar box and got the common Tiny card once, then a Tuskarr Kite pet.  This pet is seen as about the rarest on WarcraftPets these days in 'seen in game' and is a card that goes around 50 euros and more on the net, and The Undermine Journal lists it as never seen on Moonglade EU Horde's AH yet.  Well, that is going to change... as I cracked open a second one to boot!

That's 100 euros in loot worth in both boxes combined, and I'll be listing the second Kite one of the days on the AH for a sick amount of gold that will carry me through grinds a LONG time.  Gold maker tables list this pet at a worth of 100k to 150k gold pieces, so that is going to be the asking price... as no-one has one to list it seems anyways...

But the parcel got even better, as the seller also included... 3 WoW TCG playmats with my order for free!  I love stores trying to liquidate their old stocks before the card game goes completely into obscurity as tournament support ends.

The rare Betrayal of the Guardian epic playmat, not even for sale on MCM, as well as the Crown of the Heavens and Forgotten Tombs mats, worth around 5 - 10 euro each, that is a pretty darn freebie if you ask me!

Conclusion: this gamble definitly paid off, and if all those cards can help further both mine of Smurfs collection, so much the better, but I'm going to gamble of this sort again in a few weeks!

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