zondag 9 februari 2014

A new project... and my first Guild of Historica title


Today I received notice from the Eurobricks forum that my Storehouse 3 phase prject has made the jury's pass and I can now add the 'Manager' title to my signature over on that adult LEGO MoC forum!

Pretty cool, but now I'm going to have to think about which one I'll be going to be expanding over next.  With a current sub 'competition' running involving the three military subjects for the title of Hersig (one each in Archery, Barracks and Stables), at first I was tempted to build further along those lines, but I think I'll rather start expanding two or three of the already started parts to Phase 2 first.  My 'shortlist' is in the first place the Tower (and start expanding on that Wizard Tower path I began), the House (which will go further in it's Dance Maccabre idea) or the Store which will be a waterbased market... decisions decisions.

But I have a bigger project to try and complete first!

As said before with the inspiring Mega-Bloks mini set of a Blood Elf priest, I'm going to build something along those lines as seen in World of Warcraft, one of those typical Sin'dorei buildings that dot the Eversong Woods landscape.  And perhaps build one of those Arcane Guardians based on a Bionicle model... 

But at least I already scrounged together the parts for the characters in the scene...

The hardest part for this though will be on the how to create decent round towers, I've been reading a lot of building guides, but it seems it won't be something easy to do, especially to add a domed roof to it all afterwards.  Ideas a plenty in my mental mayonaise so far, but I guess a lot will hinge on the fact of what I can really achieve.

With the Guilds of Historica book II now moving into the second 'country', which apparently will be Avalonia, land of knights, fairy tales and unicorns, I'll be spending time on that build as well.  

My first idea is to finally crack open those Chima sets I've been gathering 'on the cheap' with the Bargain buys of the last weeks (January in Belgium is typically a month where stores try and liquidate out of fashion items, and the fox set of Chima being of the older sets was found for a measly 8 euros in the local toy shop amongst other older sets) and build something around that...

Here is a hint on what I'm going to try and do, or at least the 'philosophy' behind it...

Well, a lot of bricky thingy stuffsies in the pipeline, and it seems it's time to go back to the local LEGO store one of these weeks with my Pick a Brick freebie box and a cup or two to grab more green and brown bricks... because I will be building a lot of trees it seems!

Ciao Ciao

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