maandag 17 februari 2014

The Plan - Week 1

Now that Lÿntaria is 'settled' in her instance completion achievements, and has all the basics done to survive on Pandaria, it is time to start planning 'other things', both important and less important bar to myself.

For that, I'm going to start a new series, with every week some planning of what I hope to achieve in the comming 6 - 7 days; posting a new episode anytime between sunday night and monday morning.


First things first, complete the last story arc in Dread Marshes to get the Loremaster achievement, and free all the paragons for the 'of the Klaxxi' title.  This should also net me some gold pieces to be spend later, but more of that in one of the following points of the plan.
The second objective is to get the item level from 475 to 480 this week, first and foremost by upgrading my Robes with the epic one sold by The Golden Lotus.  This means I'll nead 2250 Justice Points, so while questing in the Dead Marshes I'll be queing for Heroics and scenarios to grab those points and so the chest piece.


One achievement I'm going to aim for is the 45 reputations to Exalted one.  Currently I'm at 42, but I still need to quickly finish up the Tranquilien one in the Blood Elf start area, and I guess I'll be spending time in Deepholme as of all the Cataclysm factions, Therazane is over halfway Revered.  For a possible third, this will depend a little on what I can get going, the Sunreavers are high on the list, or maybe I'll see if Ogri'La is viable.  Though with 'transmog runs' it might happen one of the older Raid factions will pop first...
The Embersilk will be kindly donated to the First Aid levelling ;-)


My Holy Grail.  The plan this week is to keep running daily heroics of Magister's Terrace, Setthek Halls and Utgarde Pinnacle in the vain hope that one of those three mounts (respectively the White Hawkstrider, the Raven Lord and the Blue Proto-Drake) drop, though with my luck this seems rather unlikely.

If I can group a few times to enter older raids, The Huntsman in Kharazan is also on the list, as is milling through Ahn Quiraj for the red rare drop of the bug mount...
Most other mounts the coming weeks will have to come through reputation grinds and daily quests, but like The Tillers with their 3 mounts or the Cloud Serpents aren't high yet on my priority list, nor is the Lovestrider of the current worldevent, as I can't free up enough time to get those 240 tokens the coming 6 days.  I can't remember if they vanish after the event, but I'm just stocking them up in the bank right now...
Of course I'll be saving  up on all the Netherweave that drops, because...

Gold Making

... I'll need a lot of gold to get my hands on the needed Living Steel bars for creating my engineering mounts and pets.  The Netherweave bag, years after the release of The Burning Crusade, is still a sure seller on the auction house (and I'll need them for my alts in due time as well), averaging around 25 gold a bag on buy out on Moonglade.  Not the biggest of sums, but as you get stacks and stacks running through the two instances, and the threads cost near nothing, it's an easy source of income.
I don't bother auctioning the greens; they rarely sell in this era of Heirlooms, and ,y 'planned' enchanter alt still has to get out of her start area anyways so she is far from disenchanting all that material.


I really need to get going on them, I really do.  Most still hover around the start level between levels 1 and 5, and I need them to start optimizing a decent 'return profit' on all professions.  This week though, my only goal is to have my seriously neglected Paladin of level 70 finally ready to start mining Outlands, levelling up the battle pets on the go.

So that's the big plan for 'week 1' in WoW'ing series, I have no idea if I'll succeed, BUT I do have a serious idea that there is a LOT I need to catch up for from entering again so late in the expansion.  At least that prevents me from being bored hehehe...

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