vrijdag 7 februari 2014

Only 5 more... points...

Today was my last chance to gain some item level points in Warcraft until next tuesday, so I decided to make the best of it this afternoon once I got through doing 'all that other stuff I needed to do first', and it was a success I must say.

Starting out in my push to be Raid ready, I logged in with an item level of 440, and logged out at 455, meaning I only need to do 5 more points of gear and be ready for the 'normal' level of Raiding in the lowest raid available, which requires ilvl 460.

I decided to really focus, so bar farming my crops for cooking and planting fresh ones, I didn't got side tracked in doing dailies for The Tillers, The Anglers and The Order of The Cloud Serpent, but instead grinded through 6 Heroic dungeons and a guild run Heroic scenario, netting some achievements along the way and bumping perhaps the only side track I allow myself for now, being the getting to exalted for the Horde pandaren faction to grab all those mounts.

Oh, and get one pet levelled in the fight against a tamer, as I was waiting for my HS to cooldown after dropping off some stuff over at the Darkmoon Fair to complete a quest.

I now did some reseach on the potential candidates to be replaced by epics, bought with Justice and Valor points, and it seems the Klaxxi (where I already bought an epic belt now), Golden Lotus and August Celestials are high on the priority list as the 'next reputation to grind', especially the Lotus to Honored for all their Tailoring patterns available, and then the Celestials for the epic 28 bag tailoring pattern.  I have enough Imperial Silk crafted up already now to at least make two for Lÿn.  And one can never have enough bag space after all!

But I estimate about 2500 extra Justice Points should do the trick now to get to that 460, probably the first buy I'll do tuesday will already be getting me there as I'll be replacing a 429 item then with a 489 level.

Of course, there is always that little linger in the back of my head to grab mounts, mounts and more mounts, and to that end I have been reading about 'goldmakers' on the internet, and how to's on cornering markets on the auction house.

I think I'm going to try and do it with the most niche of markets

Yes, Cogwheel gear enhancers.  It works the same as Gems, but they can be added to most gear as slots.  It's a rather 'odd' market, I know, but at the moment the server has a full THREE auctions running, two which are mine, byproducts of some modest levelling earlier today.  The bad news though is that I really, really should level up a character to be at least able to smelt the Ghost Iron Ore, preferably even mine it, but I'm not really in the 'mindset' to grind all the way up just yet.

So another otpion I have: I still have 2 extra double loot cards of Landro's Little XT from Worldbreaker, so I just might as well scratch those and turn them in, then list the BoE pets you get for them.  Looking at sites like The Undermine, these should yield on Moonglade anywhere between 35000 to 66000 gold pieces, so I'm going for the average of around 50k, that should (except the Grand Expedition Yak) be enough to cover the expenses for buying Ghost Iron bars until my miner 'gets there' (I'm really not dropping Tailoring!) and the occasional faction related mounts that will be starting to come available as the reputation grinds proceed.

Another 'idea' I had was to start building Mounts, but unfortunatly things like the Engineer's motorcycle are bloody expensive, and I still have to do reseach on the fact if it is worth it to build the vanity pets they can create.  But as said, that is for the far future, after Lÿn is well geared up for end game content and probably in those last dying weeks before the new expansion arrives to build up the gold reserves...

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