vrijdag 21 februari 2014

AoM Tower phase 2: Shalakazaaam

The second phase of the Tower `tree` of the Age of Mitgardia project, I have been expanding from a small cave on a hill to a wooden tower on that same hill.

The grass on the rocks has been trimmed and cleaned, and a pole supported tower has arisen on the spot where the cave stood.  For phase three, this has to become a stone tower, but as I`m already `twisting` the concept a little, I think - once I have enough bley and grey bricks - to build up on the mountain to make it a cliffside on one end, and then build a stone tower expanding from the rock side and the wooden tower, to flow into one big wooden / stone hybrid tower.

I just have to go and figure out how exactly to do it though, so it`s about time I`m visiting the PaB wall again...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Thanks, I`m slowly getting the hang of all this MoC ideas to bricking, now to still figure out how to get a decent rounded pavillion