zondag 9 februari 2014

Smoke & Mirrors

It has been to long, but finally Telltale Games allows you to once again step into the shoes of Bigby Wolf and continue your investigations into the murder of the Fable "Faith" (the Girl with the Muleskin), a prostitute looking for a way out.

We left of in episode one with the head of Snow White on your doorstep, and you'll be in for some shocks during this episode.  The game is build on the same engine as The Walking Dead, but is harsher and rawer then the survival and moral choices of TWD.  The Wolf Amongst Us is more a film noir genre of detective, and even though we get a clue in the final moments of this second episode... it has not been said that is the actual direction the story is going to go into.

I bet the picture you saw is about a psychopath, but driven by lust, while the killer probably came in after the now main suspect left...

The game does follow the raw style of the comics, and you even get actual naked titties in this one, as The Little Mermaid is doing an auditioning dance in the Pudding and Pie stripclub.  Who said fairy tale figures made millions on the royalties of their stories?

I actually enjoy this game more then The Walking Dead, probably the more harsh and 'down trodden' tone it has to it, and I can only eagerly await the next episodes of both games to be released, as well as The Game Of Thrones they are working on!

If you downloaded this episode, make sure to get patch 1.01 for it asap as well, it's only 15mb but apparently there was a small bug as the gale kept freezing up until I downloaded the file!

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