donderdag 13 februari 2014

Inspirational Lego - Think Big

Weekend is coming, something the original author of that more or less accurate quoting couldn't say anymore.  Did you see the 15 minute preview of the new Game of Thrones season?  I can barely wait until the beginning of april when it kicks off aagain, and even though we all know what will happen to Oberyn Martell, he does look like an intresting character...

But I disgress, this post is about inspiring Lego models of a large scale.  I'm putting down all the great works I came across the past few weeks in a single post, because the weekend is going to be all about computers, computers and more computers.  Tomorrow I'll be helping with all the cabling to be done to bring my machine over to the GF's place, and yesterday Chu decided to (finally) replace her aging lap top with a new one so that'll mean pc shopping this afternoon.  The old 1GB Acer with it's XP service pack 2 has ran it's course (though he'll probably move to the munchkin for his homework), and she is going to get a fresh 'third generation' one.

Which means this one has to be emptied and sorted, so that includes a lot of pictures I snatched on the webs 'to do a post about' one day...

So today: big Lego builds, and then I literally mean builds of the 'barely fits on the dinner table' variety.

 The Battleship Yamato, not the space version I showed earlier, but the real deal

 This Hogwarts Castle is a 'bit' bigger then the boxed set edition, and is from the same buildster as the Rivendell I showed here a few weeks ago.

 My father always wanted a Volvo again, I always want more bricks... maybe an opportune moment to create a coloboration?

 Just for the munchkin ;-)

On a different note, remember the Brickmania report back in november with the big 'team build display' of the Pirates?  Well, this year the team is going to go medieval, and one of the also on Eurobricks active members has dropped me a PM to ask if I could join in the fun!

Of course!  To have some build or two included in such a large magazine and television covered layout is about all an amateur builder like me can dream off, and it gives a very rewarding personal feel inside that after barely a few months that I seriously started building and moc'ing again, they have confidence the level is already good enough to participate... though I probably won't be able to be in attendance the whole faire, as the 'Cool Uncle' has his expedition to do with all the kids, I can make certain the models get there on time and get collected on time afterwards, my parents live close to the venue.

Roight, time for me to do some more research on the price / quality ratio of HP or Acer laptops, until the next time!

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