vrijdag 28 februari 2014

First raid - Terrace of Endless Spring

It`s school holidays (okay, this is an odd thing to say at age 35) and today I finally could get some time in this afternoon to try out the LFR thing.  

Queing for a Raid, I was added to do the Terrace of Endless Spring raid, which takes about an hour of focussed play, and managed to get through it without dying.  Not to shabby, but no way to get cocky.  

Looking For Raid raids are tuned down to allow the casual player to enjoy the contents of the raids as well compared to the hardcore raiders, and this means the loot drops there are level 483.  Being myself at that point, there where some things I could get some ilevels added to (notably my rings and trinkets can use serious boosts, as well as better gloves and headpiece, but I`m working on that one with the Shado-Pan for now) but even using all possible re-rolls of the mountains of charms I have collected so far, I only had a single decent drop upgrade.

Exit the Scholomance heroic staff, enter Jin`Ya, Orb of the Waterspeaker, a slight upgrade that did take my ilevel one up to 484.  Now if I`d start doing some more heroic dungeons, there are a few other things I can upgrade for now using the Justice Points, and I`m not sure if I`ll keep the shoulder token as well, as this is actually a downgrade from my current Golden Lotus reputation shoulders.

It was a fun experience though, and when I`ll get the chance, I`ll try to get another one in left of right during the comming holiday week, I`ll have to see about that.

The total loot for the raid - 483 shoes, a 483 dagger and a 483 Sha-Skin set Shoulder token as well as some 200 gold.  Pity though you don`t get reputations in that place...

To end, the photobombing supreme at the Sha of Fear, courtesy of Pesky Pug

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