maandag 10 februari 2014

Inspirational Lego - from the MocPages

I was spending time in the classroom this morning surfing being an avid student that worked so fast I had some free time, and went to have a look at that site to maybe start up an account there.

Touring it, I must say I found a lot of very great inspirational models, and I only been on the pages trolling for like 15 minutes so far...  the name in bald is how it is to be entered in the MOCpages search engine to have more detailed looks of the models, it's definitly worth it!

This Druid Meeting is quite exceptional, and like the builder, the tree is kust sheer awesomeness

The Galilego Observatory even has a real working kaleidoscope build into it.

HP Lovecraft's study is full of small references to his famous works

Pure awesome is this large Battleship Yamato from the anime spaceship

But so is the Battlestar Galactica

Some tongue in cheeck, as Scorpion does a Mortal Kombat Brickality on to poor Liu Kang

Of course, I just had to search Warcraft on the site, and two of the nicest things I found for my query was this large Female Gnome, and the Griffon.

Finally, there is this 9th Doctor (by old counting :-) ) TARDIS control room...

I know what I'll be doing the somewhere this week (like, apart from installing all the cableing for the pc move at last!!!) outside WoW, and that is making an account for myself there and upload some of my own creations.  There are a lot of awesome things on it; but Lego is for all ages and all people, and I'm not ashamed to show whatever I brick together.


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