zondag 23 februari 2014

The Plan - Week 2

Time for the second instalment of what I want to do for the comming week in World of Warcraft, random thoughts, and an upcomming laughing barrage by the girlfriend about `your addicted`, `your crazy` and `uhuh`.

But first, let`s have a look back at what I wanted to achieve during the past week, and what worked and what didn`t....

The first big point I wanted to reach, was to get ilvl up from 475 to 480, which I did by getting the epic robes from the Golden Lotus faction and some minor gear upgrading on the 500+ epics I possessed, as well as the staff dropping from Heroic Scholomance.  However, it turns out there have been major Warlock changes and my DPS had some serious hiccups.  Talent resorting and rotational changes compared to years ago has seem to put it back in line, but I need to up the Haste a LOT, from the measly around 2000 currently to at least the cap of 9778, preferably even to the maximum cap of 13737.  I`m going to be looking around for enchantments on the AH for this, to put on those 500+ items as they won`t be replaced to soonish due to epic heroics drops.

The second thing I wanted to get was the 45 Exalted reputations, and this was done!  Bar the easily achieved and planned Tranquilien and Therazane factions, I also hit Exalted with the Lorewalkers, resulting in this very cool mount becoming available, the Red Cloud disc which I promptly bought and am currently using.

The third one, the `...of the Klaxxi` title and achievement wasn`t reached though, as I`ve been neglecting the bug people a little, for the final two paragons I first need to get them 7000 or so extra reputation to hit Revered, only then do those two and their quest lines become available.


So what do I want to get this week?  Well, first of all there is the fact my GF has a late shift tomorrow, so I think I`m going to hit LFR for the first time, and see where it goes and where it ends, just to get an idea of the whole thing.

Secondly, I`m aiming for the Tillers to get to Exalted, being currently well over halfway in Revered, that also unlocks three more mounts if I can get them done, the various Riding Goats.

I don`t really have any other `big plans` set up for the week that comes, as I`ll mainly be focussing on...


Following the Tillers to Exalted, I`m also going to put in extra effort to get the `Skills that Pay the Bills` meta achievement, which consists of maxing out Fishing, Cooking, Archeology and First Aid.  Three of them are already done, but the cooking is rather hard with the Pandarian Masters, so I`ll be focussing on grinding the needed meats and plant the needed seeds to get some of them hopefully to the maximum level, then over the coming weeks work my way down the list.


Well, apart from the Tillers, I continue to do daily runs when I can for the Raven Lord and the Blue Proto Drake.  Why not for the Hawkstrider of Magister`s Terrace?  because it finally dropped the past week, literally after years of effort!

Another mount I am going to try and get, and here comes the part the GF is going to have fun of me in my expense, is the Swift Lovestrider of the Love is in the Air World Event.  I slacked on the event, only realising you could buy the bird instead of having it drop in the short instance daily, and needs 270 Love Tokens.  I have 241 at the moment, and the event ends tomorrow at 10.  I need to leave to my reschooling at 8.00, with 45 minutes of preparation.  So IF I get up at 6.30 instead of 7 and do the four bracelets (takes about 15 minutes) with the daily bon bon / perfume thing... I would be at 266, so I NEED to find a dungeon party to have it drop 4 tokens (it minimises at 6 I believe) AND get to the vendor before 7.30 to grab the mount at the very last moment.

It can be done... she will be laughing at me... but otherwise I have to wait 11.5 MONTHS before I can get it again.

Gold Making

Okay, the Cogwheels didn`t work.  But I did discover another steady, if a tat unreliable source of income outside quests and grinds.  Pets.  Engineering Pets.  They have some very high profit margins, especially the Yeti, but this is due to the lack of Cured Rugged Hide on the AH, no-one needs that for tier armour anymore as in the vanilla days, and the Yeti is basically the only remaining recipy still using it.
The smallest of the pets, the squirrel, has a low PPC, but a decent RRP of around 50 gold, so with some alts doing Prospecting and copper mining for me when I get a few free moments, I hope that this can get my gold levels up to more acceptable levels and allow me to buy all that needed Living Steel.

Though the prices are dropping a very little bit currently for those as we near the expansion end, they still hover around the 500 mark per bar of this daily transmutable metal.  I bid on those that are around 350 and let them run it`s course, but in the end I need more then 60 of them to build both Engineering Mounts as well as both pets for my own use.  In the later expansion, I estimate the market will sink and hope to be able to snatch up more to get some pets extra on the market, but for now it`s buying for own use first.


Well, here is a dilemma.  Yes the lvl 71 paladin (he dinged on mining and pet battles lol) is providing basic building mats to the engineer and the level 5 prospector at current (the only gems I need to build pets right now are Malachites), but with the sheer amount of possible gold a day through dailies and questing, I can`t see the effort to level up the level 8 alchemist at last and get her to Transmute Living Steel level to pay of in a gold / hour ratio.  I`m going to have a look into these, the jewelcrafter should be levelled though for the mounts, but this would take a LONG time both in levels and professions, so I think I`ll be holding her back one more week before taking the plunge in with her until Lÿntaria has upped some more reputations.
And ironically enough, I realy should be levelling the Hunter / Leatherworker to the point he can produce Cured Rugged Hides, so that definitly on the plan the upcoming week.  He`ll need to hit Leatherworking 250 for this, though the easy part is to provide the mats as both the paladin as himself can be getting them to get there, then I just need to be able to bump him up.

Big plans for the week, and I`ll consider it a success when:

* I have the Tiller Mounts
* The Skills that Pay the Bills achievement
* The Hunter alt is at Leatherworking 250 and can make Cured Rugged Hide

Until next week, when we`ll see if I could hit those marks!

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