dinsdag 4 februari 2014

Ready for Heroics

A good day of grinding today as I could clock some decent game time!

With the item level now having broken the needed 435 for being allowed to do Heroic dungeons (standing at 440 at the moment), I can go and start working up myself for the Raiding.  The first barrier to be taken is 460, so that should be do-able by the time I fully completed the Steppes and the Marshes, together with dailies grind for the cloud serpent.

I also tried my hand at the scenarios today, mini instances that are a bit like the old `group quests` in vanilla, but instanced in a small area and with a storyline (of sorts), those where quit fun to do and don`t take to long, so I`ll probably be plunging in those some more (and work out where I can spend my Valor points).  I think I`ll be randoming heroics and regular dungeons and scenarios the comming on / off weeks of my gametime, at least until the computer has moved to the GF and I can put in some decent game-a-thon`s while she works her shifts...

Then after that, it will be time to check out that infamous Timeless Isle...

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