maandag 3 februari 2014

Born of the Gods and the SuperBowl!!!

What a weekend this was followers!

The whole weekend there was the Born of the Gods prerelease events running in the local watering hole, to celebrate the launch of the most recent expansion for the Theros block!

And it was the SuperBowl, highlight of the american football season, in which the Seattle Seahawks trashed the Denver Broncos!

I saw neither :-(

A lot of different reasons, both fun and less fun, but the bottom line is I haven't seen ziclh bar some day after coverage on the net.

Oh well, the next thing I got my eye on is the Antwerp Convention at the end of april (okay, and an adult fair in a few weeks of which I am NOT providing picture material or a report, you pervs!) and I can only hope my beloved's fancy for 'butterfly winged elfin creatures'  results in something like this:


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