dinsdag 11 februari 2014

Raid Ready

Okay, I did the goal I wanted to achieve today, and get over that 460 item level requirement in order to be able to start using raid finder and the likes.

After shopping new pants with the Klaxxi I was at 459, then a dropped staff from the Sha of Doubt on Heroic Jade Temple took me to the limit and to 461, and finally I spend those Valor points I`ve been hoarding the past weeks to buy Battle Tags at the Shado-Pan Assault on the Isle of Thunder, now putting me at the 466 mark.

The plans for the comming time as such are to get Engineering to that 600 mark (about 20 to go), and slowly build up for more raids, as currently the only one available is the Mogu`Shan Vaults first part.

Further time will be spend rounding out the Dread Wastes questlines, do the Isle of Thunder and then off to the Timeless Isle, as once the Engineering is capped I can start building up a gold reserve, something that didn`t go that well during the expansion as I had to buy most of the materials for the profession.

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