zaterdag 1 februari 2014

It'l like Pokemon

One of the big changes that have occured in World of Warcraft since I quit and now restarted, si a system of pet battling.  

Yes, it is like Pokemon, you train up your companion pets, and then fight others, both players and NPC's, and it has a series of achievements that are Account bound, not character bound.

There are 10 families of pets, and the level cap for the critters is 25, so slowly, while levelling the 'gathering alts' for my main (to both feed her professions, especially the engineering, as well as her gold amount to feed her mount addiction... and the mounts they can craft themselves for the stables).

So I made a selection 'so far' of my pet collection, and will be levelling them up in batches, first to 5, to 10, etc etc as they accompany the alts.

Elemental: Phoenix Hatchling
My companion I always treasured the most, a drop from Magister Terrace.  It's so Blood Elvishly... and it will be my 'main player'.

Magical: Enchanted Broom
No doubt here what I'd be using, as these brooms are seen everywhere in my native area, keeping Silvermoon clean.

Dragonkin: Spirit of Competition
A gift from the 2008 winter olympics (I have the tabard as well still) this great looking dragon.

Mechanical: Clockwork Gnome
From my most enjoyed profession, this Archeology find is hilarious as it builds turrets.

Undead: Vampiric Batling
Another very rare of my collection, as it was only available a very short time during Halloween pre Wrath of the Lich King.

Aquatic: Strand Crawler
A fishing gain, and it's just cute.  And my zodiac sign...

Flying: Tiny Sporebat
When the Sporregar came out in the Burning Crusade, everyone declared me mad to grind their reputation first.  But I did it and it is a cute little (and it is very small for a companion) beastie.

Humanoid: Grunty
Another old exclusive, this one came when you bought a streamer ticket to Blizzcon 2009.

Critter: Wolpertinger
I got no idea what it actually is, better get another beer...

Beast: Siamese Cat
This is the dearest to me, it was my very first companion, dropping in the Deadmines when I started playing, and you need bank and bagspace to keep your companions with you (but why did I sell of my Hyacinth Macaw back then, stupid idiot that I am)

Now to get those traps ready and throw some Companion Cages around!

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