zaterdag 15 februari 2014

Transmogrified Delusions

I admit, I was completely in the blue on this whole Transmogrification issue.  When it came out, I wasn't playing anymore, and when I returned to playing I didn't pay attention to that.

But then I saw more and more 'transmogrification item runs' starting to pop up, whole set guides and I started to be picked in curiosity, yet didn't follow up on it yet.

Until two days ago, whhen I was doing my once more run through Heroic Magister's for that lovely White Hawkstrider, the Blood Elf staff from Kael'Thas, the Rod of Blazing Light, dropped.

This is an awesome looking staff for a Blood Elf magic user, and I went to see the transmogger in Vale of the Eternal Blossoms.

I admit, at first I had some misconceptions about the whole process, questions I didn't find direct answers to.

* Did it keep it's original stats (of the lower level item) but upgraded to the current level item, or did it keep the current item's stats?

* Was the lower level item destroyed, meaning if you got new equipment you had to chunk through the instances again till a fresh one drops?

I was deluded on those parts as I took the plunge by mogging my Staff of Trembling Will into the Rod of Blazing Light.

Sure, you 'loose' the visuals of the item you mogged, but as you are changing it's appearance, it means you didn't like it that much after all (though it wasn't really ugly, the blood elf one just is prettier and more in character).

So yes, those where 43 gold pieces well spend, and they picked my intrest.  Since the original item hasn't been destroyed but now in my bank (Blizzard, make work of that 'toybox slot' for the bank, I'm drowning at the moment in fun items and lvl1 Holiday gear for role playing), I'm going to have to see to a way to empty a bit of clutter (maybe focus on Ahn'Qiraj and finally start turning in all those scarabs for ... I don't even remember what they where for anymore, or all those apexis shards for the Ogri'La ogres).  I won't ever delete those old vanilla relics I needed to craft in order to get my warlock mount back then though... nostalgia you see.

Heck, even in a videogame, it seems you can get emotionally attached to clutter...

That way, I can maybe empty up a bag and start keeping transmog gear for later updates in the game, as I am at the doorstep of doing raids and as such will probably get a lot of gear upgrades still, only to have them mogged again. 

Now to go do research if there is any set or way to get Lÿntaria a gear set of those typical red wizard robes...

Ciao ciao!

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