woensdag 19 februari 2014

CGI Movie Deathmask

The spoiler images for the CGI Saint Seiya movie keep spilling out slow and steady over the internet, and so far the Gold Saints have caused `some` debate...

Aiolia and Aldebaran are plain rubbish, Shura was okay for me, and Camus was excellent... where it not for a vase shaped shoulder canon (enter Blastoise reference jokes here).  Today, they released a new image; Cancer Detahmask

As a Cancer myself, this is perhaps the one I waited for in the most anticipation, and I`m glad he didn`t turn out to bad at all.

My only grief is the fact the two pinned arm plates are not symmetrical, but the whole yakuza style of the tattoo and soul patch are alright in my book, we are 25 years ahead of the original images after all, and 25 years ago, tattoos weren`t as common either as today.

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