dinsdag 25 november 2014

Building the Kitty Shelter

JuniorPress is a dutch company that also releases Lego magazines over here in the low lands.  Im their range are the Chima and Friends publications for one, and they come with small polybags that are either a minifigure or a small build.

Now personally, at 4 euros I think they are usually of a decent value, though I pick up the Chima magazine mostly when it has a minifigure, and rarely the Friends copy.

But this month, I took along the Friends issue.  While the Chima one had a bolt thrower you get in so many polybags already, the Friends issue came with a small kitty shelter.  The kitten itself can be used in other builds for sure, as it is a white version of the tiger kitten from their pet range.  But the shelter as well comes with some nice elements in intresting colours.

Now the instructions themselves are rather short, to be found in the middle of the magazine.  But nevert the less, I made the build (before breaking it down and sorting it out), as I will present to you all here.

The first piece is of course the kitten, like I said a white version which isn`t that common in the range.

The shelter starts by putting the lime green jumper on to the green 4x4 plate.

The back wall, in tan colours, is added to this.

To these we attach a small hook and plate, to which the branch is then added.

On top of this, you get a green leaf and a selection of small yellow flowers to liven it up.

Pink and pastel parts are then added as a roof for the kitten.

The last part is the feeding tray, again based on a lime jumper.

The completed build

As I said and you could see here, this is actually a good colour selection of parts for a medieval builder like myself.  You get some lime green jumpers, tan bricks, brown plates, a green leaf and plate, and some yellow flowers.

Not bad at all for a measly 4 euros...

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