zaterdag 29 november 2014

The Plan episode 41

Another week gone by, another heap of achievement points added to the tally in Minifigures Online, as I grinded most of the figures I collected already to a minimum of their fist 8 achievements.

This mainly includes getting both the Pocket Adventures, the Epic Dungeon and the 3 World Bosses they `need`, rounded out with getting them all on `4 stars` level as well to unlock their third skill and the `achieved five achievements` for each figure.

Now, even though that means I got my current stack of points raised to 21775 points (or roughly 40% of the points that can be gained), I also know that this will be falling silent more and more as as it currently stands, I got 6 figures left to go, namely the 4 of series 12 the Smurf hasn`t collected yet, together with the two I unlocked this week: Sad Clown and Scarecrow.

On the other hand, I got the Smashtastic global achievement this week, and I hope to get the 100k one one of these weeks as well.

Once I`m done with above 6 figures, I guess I`ll be spending most of my time grinding to the `bigger` achievements each figure has, like make a 1000 buildies and the likes.  I will be doing this by teaming them up in groups which will need to same requirements of build 20 speed pads etc etc, so I can snatch away a little bit of time on that, but also that should put me back in the possibility to grind a daily set of dungeons, chapter end instances, pocket adventures etc, while grabbing a lot of stars.

Because after that, the Lost Creations are waiting!  It`s about time I make some serious work of those, but I still need to up the characters a lot so I can get in with fully powered teams (for as far as it is upgrade wise possible currently).

But for now, time to go get those final 6 sorted out.  I think a realistic goal, considering the points gathering will drop exponentionally once those 6 are done, is aiming for 25.000 points next week.  I know 15k was a bit easily rated as a set goal for today, topping it with more then 6.000 points, but I estimate to score about 2.000 on the final minifigures, and got no idea how long it will take for those other 2.000 with the bigger grindings ahead.

Cheerios, and may you keep smashing happily!

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