maandag 10 november 2014

Building the Legendary Lion

The Legend Lion Beast, set 70123, is one of those sets I reported on getting rather cheaply a few weeks ago.

From the Chima line, this is a nice part bomb set, as it comes in Tan colours (my `dah dah` together with browns and greens for the most part when MOCcing), has a Laval minifig that is always handy, and is a nice little build to boot.

Now mind you, as the set was to be dismantled after the build, no decals have been added...

Opening the small box, we get two polybags of parts, a sticker sheet and the instruction booklet.

Like I said, the included minifig is Laval, the main character of the cartoon and the line.  He totes a transparent shield and a cool sword, and his blue lion armour print is definitly re-uasable.

We start the build by laying down the foundation of the body, in this case the belly and the connection points around which all parts will be attached.

The tale and the spot on the lion`s back where Laval will sit, are then build up.

The front and the back legs are build up.

And then connected to the bodywork.

The clawed paws are then put together and connected to the leg parts.

Moving on to the head, we first build the tongue and inside of the mouth.

The printed eye tile is added, as well as the corner bricks to build the ears and manes around.

The head is then attached to the body, and we get one big King of the Jungle.

The extra part count is limited at only 3 pieces, but they are of the small and swiftly added somewhere variety.

The Legend Lion Beast in all it`s build up glory... nice kitty kitty kitty

All in all, a went spend 5.75 euros if you ask me.

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