zondag 23 november 2014

Lego DVD`s and Comics

A nice small parcel fell on my doorstep friday, send to me from Archonia.

My quarterly shopping of comics order, and this time I had some extra goodies added to my order as they where on promotion.

This month, DC comics is bringing out all his series with an alternative Lego cover artwork, and although i don`t *think* I`ll be going for all 22 numbers, I did pick up two of the already three released Green Lantern series issues.  Now I don`t follow any specific comic series these days, but I enjoy the Green Lantern series and now and then pick one up.

I`ll definitly be picking up the Harley Quinn cover as well for sure, she is hawt...

But for the rest, I also picked up two Star Wars dvd`s, including the one with the Young Han Solo exclusive minifigure...

Good times!

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