dinsdag 11 november 2014

Minifigures Online: crunching numbers

Remember past saturday I told you there where a lot of new achievements and it went up by probably a factor of 5?

Well, I did the maths (okay, basically just counting all the available points and added them up), and mostly due to the various minifigure based achievements, the total obtainable achievement points in the game has gone from 6425 points to a mighty...

54550 points

Yeah, that is about the 9 times the old total.

I`m currently at a measly 8000 points, so when I was one achievement away from the full deck before the update of Lost Creations, I now have quit a way to go.

Let the grinding begin!

The plan is basically to first get all the currently owned minifigures maxed out, while grinding them on their bosses and pocket adventures, after that the arduous job can begin for on the one hand the Lost Creations goals and on the other hand their 10k kills and the likes...

Hi, I`m Tomsche and I`m an achievement addict.

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