vrijdag 28 november 2014

Work-in-Progress: the Mitgardian Army part 1

Another thing I picked up at the recent Brick Mania Antwerp colaboration I participated in, is to build an actual army to go alongside my small MoC`s.

I had heavily invested in Viking minifigs for the Chapter 3 of the Guilds of Historica book 2, but it turned out the horned warriors aren`t the central players of this episode, so I have a heap of them and other suited minifigures like the Barbarian and Highlanders.

But watching the battlefield over the weekend, I decided for the next time (which will be next year) to not only build bigger MoC`s (though that will be at first the Lord of the Rings set / moc hybrids you can read on my blog about, starting with Lake-Town), but also bring out the Mighty Army of Merak, the home town of my Sig-Fig Hagen.

The full force will be numbering about a 150 warriors, but I`m currently still digging through my boxes to find all my torsos and legs, and combine them into the units, as well as adding standard bearers and champions to most regiments.

Including a regiment a can only start building once they are actually released by Lego in 2015...

Between the picture shown here and the rummaging I did yesterday, some units have already been growing in numbers, but they will be shown once I break the 100 left to do mark.  I estimate I can run the number down to about 50 figs left before turning to Brick Link and spend the monthly building funds on additional parts, but in the meantime I can trade my double Collectible Minifigures around for more of the miniatures I actually need as well.

To quote on of my nephews: So you quit building armies for wargaming, and the next thing you know... you`re building armies for Lego

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