zaterdag 1 november 2014

Movember - Talking about Men`s Health

Today, I want to focus the shift of this blog for once from lego bricks and video games to something completely different: Movember.

This is a charity cause that asks all participants to grow a moustache and to bring some men`s health issues under attention, like testicular- and prostate cancer.

I joined the cause and the team my barber shop runs for this event, and had my face put in `babyface` mode for this.  Now mind you, I got realy terrible facial hair growth, but every bit of support counts.

If there are any people wanting to join this cause, start their own team, or want to make a donation to the cause no matter how small, all the information can be found on the Movember page.

You can reach this by clicking the link here that leads to my own profile page there, my nickname suitably being Babyfaced Brickmeister

Cheerios, and let`s all hope that the babyface overgrows swiftly again...

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