donderdag 13 november 2014

Ready for Brick Mania!

All my bags are packed, I`m ready to go...

The MoC`s have been put in boxes, those boxes into others, and now I can only pray everything gets to the convention hall tomorrow in one piece, it`ll be the three longest kilometres of my life hehehe.

See, I have zilch experience in how to pack up build Lego, so that is going to be an adventure.  The benefit though is that on the return sunday, over half of the moc`s is going to be disassembled anyways, so those don`t need to be pain stalkingly put inside again.

Shopping list wise, I`m keeping it modest.  I`m picking up my bulk order (lots of leaves in it), go out tot look for a set with a plain black Batman in it (so no space, scuba, flyer, electric or whatever Batman, just the normal regular one), aiming for this one as it also has The Riddler (yes, i did like Jim Carrey in the role) and The Flash.

I`ll also be souring for the loose minifig of Harley Quinn... still the babe of the DC universe ;-)

And for Benji, who recently helped me with my LotR collection, I`m going to be on the look-out for one of these sets:

See you all sunday, with the picture report!

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  1. And you'll see how other pack their MOCs. One important thing is those aircushion packaging material (LEGO provides these for U when U order online).. and presuming everything is broken also helps.