zaterdag 22 november 2014

The Plan episode 40

As I told in the last instalment, two weeks ago, the Minifigures Online game had been expanded, especially on achievement points.

I did the mats back then and counted 54+k points, and of those I had a measly 8000 points scored.

Now, during the past weeks, I managed to get a new figure from the CMF series with the Rocker.

But I have been grinding through the achievements, completing most of the Series 9 `basic` achievements.  These are usually the standard smash / kill / build goals, plus all their required world bosses and pocket adventures.

Making the total when i closed off for this article on... 11300 obtained points.  Now, at about 25 to 50 per achievement, that means a lot of grinding so far.

For the coming week, I`m going to aim at expanding to the 15.000 mark, by means of doing the Series 10 figures I already collected so far.

Until next week for more of my adventures in the Lego MMO ;-)

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