woensdag 26 november 2014

Minifigures Series 13 pictures

And they have been shown, the full series of Series 13 Minifigures.

As you can see at the left bottom, they will also be playable in the Minifigures Online videogame, so that`s nice.

And what do I wnat / need from it?  Good question, as the series has a nice variation of fantasy suitable models, but not really for a Viking style of my Mitgardians.

On the to get list for me are definitly:

1 of the Snake Charmer
1 of the King
1 of the Evil Wizard
2 or 3 of the Female Cyclops
1 Unicorn Girl
1 or 2 of the female Samurai
5 or 6 of the Egyptian Soldier
about a dozen (or 2 dozen) of the Goblin Warrior!

So that makes 8 out of 16 models suitable for my `theme` of builds, a very intresting ratio for the series.  Putting aside a full series for the kid for his `trades` as well, this will be a nice purchase.

I`ll be popping by at my local retailer one of these days to, just as with series 12, pre-order a full box again for sure!

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