zaterdag 8 november 2014

Building Lake-Town

With Attack on Lake-Town, set 79016, I`ve come to the final set of the latest Hobbit wave to be build.

The set draws from the upcoming movie as well, and it is nearly the 17th of december, a big month to go before we can go and drool in the cinemas and watch the Battle of the Five Armies unfold.

Opening the box, we get 2 polybags and an instruction booklet.

Opening bag 1, we get three of the five included minifigures in the box.  Tauriel, Bain and one of the Gundabad hunter orcs.  Bain comes with the option of a grime encrusted or a plain face, so I went for his dirty look.

The first thing we are going to build, is the small boat that Tauriel is in.  This is a short and simple little ship.

Then we start laying the waterlogged foundations of the town.

The first building has a play feature of a wall being able to be blown out, by the means of a handle system.

This wall with ladder is then put on the side of the building.

The building has a high walkway, under which the little boat can pass, and as such we begin the second of the connected houses.

A lamp is added to this section, and the mechanics for another play feature.

The heavy hinged door gets attached to the other side.

The particular play feature is that by twisting the lamp, hot coals can be poured down over the door to fend of attackers.

After the roof is added, both buildings are then connected to each other, and some details are added before the first bag is concluded.

In the second bag, we get the remaining figures: Bard the Bowman, also with plain and dirty face option, and the second gundabad orc.

During this bag, we are going to build further on the foundations of the building we created until now, starting by adding details to the walkway.

We then build the tower that houses the Dwarf Windlance.

The roofing is added by using interlocking triangles, helping us create a nice pointed roof.

Next, we are going to build the crane that hauls up the fish barrels from the lower level.

Returning to the Windlance, we get to meet a new friend: the Lego spring loaded brick.  Now, I`m a 36 year old responsible person, but the brick packs a punch.  It can fire the black arrow away for about 3 metres at a decent power level, and this might actually be dangerous for little kids!  Years ago, there was a ruckus about the pirate cannons that fired off a round brick, but this one definitly hits harder and goes further. 

Just in case for my display purposes, I didn`t push the arrow all the way in, lest it should accidently fire off through the room and I can go sit on hands and knees looking for the piece ;-)

After attaching the windlance to it`s stand, the building is completed.

Some nice extra pieces:

The completed build, a nice looking set for display purposes.

And how it looks alongside last years Lake-Town Chase, both sets go nice together (though you`ll have two Bard`s in the combination).

All in all, this latest wave of The Hobbit wasn`t to bad at all.  Of course, the entire wave is dominated by the huge model of Smaug the Dragon, but the two middle sets, Lake-Town and the Five Armies, are great display models.

But the winner of the wave for me is the smallest set, the Witch King.  Great value for money, three unique minifigs of which two hadn`t been done yet in any previous incarnation, and a heap of handy elements!

Pity the theme now ends, but for 2015 I`m going to keep hunting down the remaining sets I lack of the range, only 9 more to go and then they are all mine... my owwwwwn... myyyy PRECIOUS!

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