woensdag 5 november 2014

Building Smaug

A week sooner then expected, I received an e-mail yesterday that `my Lego order had shipped`.  This was then duly delivered this afternoon.  Smaug the Terrible had arrived, the boo-boo had been rectified, and the mightiest dragon minifig (okay, mini is perhaps an understatement, he is 47 by 38 by 21 cm in dimensions) was ready to be assembled.

Which of course I duly did!  No way in hell this pleasure would be denied any longer!

The set, called The Lonely Mountain, number 79018 is the largest of the this and final wave of The Hobbit.  While it includes parts of Erebor`s interior, it is of course totally dominated by the big dragon.

Opening the box, we get a single, thick and heavy, instruction manual and small decal sheet, as well as 6 numbered bags of parts and various smaller bags containing the dragon.

Bag number 1 contains Balin and Bilbo in new clothing from the previous sets.  I went of course for scared face Bilb wearing the One Ring, as he is to face off the dragon.

The bag also contains a build for a small pile of treasure.

This build contains gems and treasure in all kinds of hidden compartments that are then stacked on top of each other to a pile of gold.

But then we start the star of the set, Smaug.  A nice detail is his belly, including the missing scale from the windlance generations ago.

The wings are a sort of rubbery material, and can retract as shown here on the left one.

Smaug in all his firebreathing glory.  Considering the trasure pile is 10 studs wide at it`s longest, you can get a good idea of the size of the dragon.

Bag 2 is the laying of the foundation of the forge of Erebor.

At it`s heart stands the jewel known as The Arkenstone, the mightiest diamong the dwarfs ever dug up from the mountain.

The door frame is build by using the snot technique.

A heavy door is then inserted into this frame.

On the other side, a wooden frame is build around a part of `raw` mountain side.

As the base rises, the roofing for this level is added

Adding in details like an anvil and armour, the bag is then completed.

The third bag contains the next dwarf of Thorin`s Company, Dwalin.  Yielding a big axe in transluscent green and green armour, he is another fine minifig, though of this set Balin is the best imho.

We start building the framework of the mighty pillars, and add decals to them.

More rockwork is incorporated to make a nice blend of `gold bleeding` mountain and lime green pillars.

The railing for the gold transport rail is added to top of these pillars.

And then we begin working on the cartwheel cart for the transport of ores.

Once this construction is done, it gets added to the top of the build and can slide left and right.

Next we add a catapult to fire molten gold at the enemy.

The next part that gets build is a small slide of melting gold, like the one Thorin ran along in the movie (or surfed on if you played Lego the Hobbit).

This will function as the angle part between the gold minery and the throne part of the build, and is attached to the side of the forge.

Going onwards to the next set of bags, the final two minifigs in this set are Kili and Fili.  I always liked the Fili minifig with his beard tassles printed on his face.

The throne room is build by using a central space for a staircase that, as a playfeature, can `explode` from it`s position, and two flanking areas to build pillars on.

This is then roofed up, and the staircase is placed centrally.

Mighty limegreen pillars are then build to form the sides of the throne room.

The final part is to build the throne itself.

The whole build is then attached to the earlier parts to form one big long setting.

The whole set completed.

At this point, I realised I already had dumped the leftover pieces in my `to sort` box, and forgot to picture them.  The set contained a lot of handy cheesecake pieces mostly for that, but also an extra `arkenstone` femtop.

Is the set worth it?  Hell yeah for me, that dragon is just so awesome (and waaaaay bigger then the one from the Castle line), but I can understand a none LotR afficionado not to shelve out the 100+ euros for a set he might just want the dragon from and use the rest as parts.

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