zaterdag 22 november 2014

Work-in-Progress: Lake-Town part 1

Well, you got to forge the iron while it is still hot, and that is just what I have been doing while already partly disassembling some of the MoC`s that came back from Brick Mania last weekend.

As I told a few weeks ago, my `ultimate goal` is to build scenic plates which include the official Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit sets, and for 2015 I wanted to definitly build and complete already one of those, my sets to be combined of choice are the Lake-Town ones.

Consisting of three sets, being Lake-Town Chase, Attack on Lake-Town and the Lake-Town Guard, the idea is to build a watery plate, with a shore line for Bard`s boat, the ruined pillars you see in the movie and some icy parts.

I learned a lot of techniques talking to the AFOL`s I expositioned together with last week, and even though you can talk online about techniques, `seeing` them is always a better way to get something under the knee.

To that end, talking to Bart who created the huge castle and the `Kempisch Dorp` seen in my report last week, I learned of the in`s and out`s of the fully bricked basing, and am going to do that on the plates, as this will be making possible transport a lot easier.

I already `build up` the black section of the border (and compared to this last picutre, the name brick has been lowered one plate, to make the complete border 2 bricks high, then I`ll be plating over the top).  The name brick has been custom engraved by the same company that made my `name badge` I also showed off last week, .

Next time, but for that a small Brick link order is under way, the unequal black border will be filled up with blue, before we start the `filling in` for the fully bricked base.

Update in a few weeks!

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