donderdag 20 november 2014

Building the Warg Attack

Decompression after Brick Mania has been succesful.  Okay, I admit, I didn`t undergo that, I already been busy on the ideas and some minor executions of new projects, including `going big` for next edition.

But in between all the breaking down and sorting of the MoC`s (like 4 survived for another day), a job which will still take me a while, I have found the time to type down this building experience.

Set 79002, Attack of the Wargs, is the second of the two sets my mate Benji brought along for me a while ago.  It features Thorin and Bofur struck in the trees, while Yazeg and his Warg Riders hunt them down.

Opening the box, we get three bags of parts and an instruction booklet.

The first bag contains Bofur as well as both Warg Riders, including the white Warg of Yazeg.

We start by laying down the foundations of the rockwork surrounding the tree.

Now, this sloped cliff is where the white warg will be overlooking the scene, and the basing for the sloped part is build up.

The it`s time to make the actual sloped slab of rock

And attach it to the baseworks, concluding part one of the rocky outcrops.

The second thing we build from here is a small rocklobber catapult.

The pit base is build up first

Then we move to the shooting arm part.

We insert the arm to the pit and the small catapult is complete.

Now on the box, these two are standing loose from each other, but they can fit together nicely with the connector and hole seen on the pictures so far.

The final parts of the first bag are two small fires, which the orcs lid in the movie to chase the dwarfs out of the tree.

Bag number two comes with the remaining two minifigures, Thorin and a Gundabad Orc archer.

We start this bag by laying the base for the big tree where the dwarfs are sheltering in.

As we build up the base of the tree, the connection piece is build in in the center.

The next level of the tree is then put together and added to the top of the first one

No two without three, so we move onwards and add another layer to it.

This is already resulting in a big tree, branching out in all directions.

The final level is then constructed.

Adding this part to the tree as well, we add details to the set like the flames licking along it`s branches.

The set fully completed:

Like with any Lego set, we have a few parts remaining.  The shroom head and axe top are definitly usuable in future builds, but mind the 1 by 2 plates and bricks are from wether or not you fill up the hole in the Wargs backs.  Since I mounted the minifigs, these parts are in the left overs as well.

All in all, the set is a nice representation of the burning tree sequence, and comes with a nice selection of figures and more importatnly, both wargs.  If you go to Bricklink, you pay almost as much for two wargs as you would for the whole set, so why not take the whole thing then even if you only would need the beasts.  Extra bricks and figures!

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