woensdag 12 november 2014

Inspirational Lego: Fantasy World

What a week, what a week.  Heaps of things to do for Brick Mania, like packing up the moc`s that are going, combined with a gefty schedule for the reschooling and a trainload of medical examinations... I`ll be happy when we`ll be 1.5 weeks further and I can look forward to more then 5 to 6 hours of sleep.

But never the less, here are two mighty displays I would love to focus your attention on.

The first is the fantasy world of Aurora, a whole set of interlocking builds to create a floating fantasy world.  It gave me that Avatar feeling when I first saw it, including the `cloud rider`.  I love the use of the Bionicle masks into the build for one... an idea I`m certainly going to do something with myself in the future.

The second build I want to share to the world that I got truly amazed with recently is this Medieval village layout.  The architecture is fantastic, and some of the details, like the burning witch, are just to cool.

Tomorrow I`ll be showing some more excellent builds from around the virtual world (really, don`t we all just love the internet?) but now I`m going to prepare myself for a visit to Dracula...


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