zaterdag 1 november 2014

The Plan - week 38

She dropped (or better, her still missing legs part) after a few sessions of grinding.

The scientist was the last of the collectible Minifigs of older series I could be putting together with pure drops in the Medieval World (in her case).

Bar the illustrious Mr Gold, who has a very low drop rate within the epic dungeons, or the Paintball Player and Scarecrow who *might* drop of the world champions rarely in Dino Rise, every character from series 9 to 11 I`m still missing can only be assembled through the part exchange mechanic.

Now I did get lucky in that department this week, as I managed to collect the Hollywood Starlet, while for series 12 I could add the Pizza Delivery Guy to my online collection as the kid got his copy in the physical series.

So for the coming weeks the goal is to grind the pocket adventures first and foremost, as they have the highest part drop rate, then hope I`ll get lucky in exchanging parts for the ones I still miss.  And for the rest, it will be working more towards the 100k smashed opponents and the levelling up to the current maximum level of the already collected figures.

I`m compiling a list at the moment on paper, to be probably shown next week, with which figures I still miss and where to apparently get them.

And continue playing The Hobbit on the PS3 ;-)

So until next week!

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