maandag 24 november 2014

Building the Lake-Town Guard

Perhaps one of the hottest polybag promos of the recent years, the Lake-Town Guard from The Hobbit is one of only two sets containing the special conical helmet, the other one being the Lake-Town Chase set.

So if you wanted to build an army, you would have been forced to lay down around 8 euros a piece per polybag...

But since Brick mania Antwerp, I think the market has crashed within this part of Belgium.  The polybag came in the goodie bag the kids received at the entrance, as did the exposers.  This resulted in myself scoring two additional polybags as exposer, while I already bought one last year when it came out for my collection.

And yesterday, the Smurf kindly gave me his one from his goodie bag (he`s not into The Hobbit or Castle for that matter at all).

So I sat down and made this little build half an hour ago.

The bag contains of a guardsman, a weapons rack and a small catapult, and a small instruction sheet.  I gave this copy of my Guardsman just his spear, opting to hang his bow and quiver on the rack.

We start building the small catapult by laying down the wheel base, then adding the front teeth to it as well as the structure board

The catapult arm is then build on top a dark green wedge, and the handle bars to tow the catapult around is put in the back.

Adding wheels and ammo and the small lobber is finished, so now we can move on to the rack.

This is based on a small wooden plate with brown wood pattern brick.

Added to this are small handles and cones to attach the weapons to, and it is all rounded out by adding a lateral plate and dark green cheeseslopes.

And of course we have some extras left over, in this case a technic pin and an additional cheeseslope.

And so the small polybag stands completed, a great little gift and a nice army builder promobag.

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