zondag 15 april 2018

Boardgame Night 12th of april 2018

Thursday it was a big boardgame night crew gathered at Noshi's place.  Apart from us, Pieter and two friends of him, Mats and Lies, joined for an evening of games.

On the menu was Settlers of Catan, Betrayal at the House on the Haunted Hill and Splendor.

Catan will never be my thing I guess, I consistently end up last as for some reason I have the knack of ending up next to numbers never rolled.  I mean, starting at 5 - 6 - 8 - 9 - 10 would make you think to receive goods every now and then... and then people start rolling snake eyes galore.  Granted, I made a mistake by not placing something bordering on the red stones, an important resource in the beginning, but joined last was my fate as Noshi took home the win.

Next up we had the Betrayal, with the expansion Widow's Walk added to the game.  While I played with my belovd Father Rhinehart, I just had a cameo in the game.  I fell through the floor into the basement, past a new tile, the cave, which I couldn't risk entering again as the physical damage would kill me, and my batteries on my flashlight died.

The haunt turned out to be an immense storm which blew the house away, and we had to lock ourself in the basement sealing out all the entrances.  We managed to finish this succesfully, though one our number, Lies, was blown away and we still have no idea where she ever landed...

The final game was Splendor, which Noshi sat out.  Now, we had played that the night before, so I knew the mechanics, and this is a game to my tastes and skillpalette it seems.  The night before I had tied for the win (but losing as apparently the lesser cards wins then), won straight, and lost one.  So using the tactic I tired then in the first two games, namely taking out one colour as much as possible to deny the others those cards, while creating time for myself to work to the big ones.

It paid off again as I took the win with 16 points, not even needing a noble this game, though it was close as both Pieter and Lies also scored 15...

It was a fun night, and met some nice people in the process so that is double bonus...

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