woensdag 18 april 2018

I Kill Giants

Noshi and me settled down to watch the latest Zoe Saldana flick, and going by the movieposter, we thought we where in for a fantasy movie.

Which it was... but not in the way one expected.


Barbara is a young teenager who lives together with her elder sister and brother.  She is constantly being bullied at school, but befriends an english girl that moved to the States, Sophia.  However, she also carries a mythical hammer that will help her protect her hometown from giants.

Barabara also has to go to sessions with the school psychiatrist, who doesn't want to believe her that giants are threatening the town and ultimately the world.  When the school bullies destroy the traps she made near her sanctuary, Sophia follows Barbara home and finds out her mother also lives there, terminally ill.

Barbara confronts a titan from the seas during a storm, but when he reveals he hadn't come for her mother but for her, she finally overcomes her fear of seeing her mother and climbs the stairs of the house for one last talk.  Her mom passes away but Barbara changes for the better during the springbreak, now that she finally is able to face her fears.

What I liked about it

* The intensity, and drama, of the story
* It takes a long time to know what the movie is about

What I didn't like about it

* No fantasy movie at all, probably the most misleading filmposter in history...
* It takes a long time to know what the movie is about

Noshi's opinion

Noshi though it was probably the most long and intense mourning process she ever saw on film. 

We both didn't expect this film to be the way that it was, looking for some goodnight action movie or comedy, but ended with this intense assault on the psyche.

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