maandag 9 april 2018

Boardgame Night 5th of April 2018

Together with Pieter, Noshi and me sat down to play some boardgames tonight.

On the menu?  Pandemic - a new game for me - and Betrayal at the House on the Hill, which I know pretty well.

In Pandemic, the players work together as a team to prevent the outbreak of all sorts of nasty virusses like Ebola or the Plague, by looking for a cure and working on spread control in the meantime.

Infection cards reveal new outbreaks all around the globe, while if the epidemic card is drawn, all cities spread their nasty beasties around.  When 3 disease tokens are on a city and it spreads again, it runs over to all nearby, connected cities, and your counter rises one until it reaches the end and the world is wiped out.

We drew two epidemics within the first two turns, and on the hardest parts of the world, losing the game...

In Betrayal, players are working together more or less until an Omen triggers a Haunt.  In this scenario, the Haunt was the Treasure Hunt and not one of the heroes is a traitor out to kill the others or summon a demon or such nasties.

It now became a free for all to first unravel the clues in the house, as a result reaches 16+ they win the game.

Noshi beat me to it and ran off with the gold, leaving the others to their fate in the collapsing mansion...

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