woensdag 11 april 2018

Dark Age Cavalry

Received friday night, finished tuesday morning...

Yeah, I wanted them ready as soon as possible hehehe.

Now this is due in part that originally I would be using them on the battlefield the coming friday, but as my opponent is going to Salute (as is the gamemaster for that matter), we rescheduled it to the 20th and I would have gotten an extra week to paint them.

Now, the models, coming from the Gripping Beast plastic Dark Age cavalry, is half a box of models.  If you follow me on YouTube, you can see my opinion on them when I unboxed the models, but I heard many "horror stories" about the sculpts from other Dark Age players in the club.

Now to be honest, while I wasn`t a fan of two of the three horse sculpts, they do paint up smoothly and camouflages their main flaw rather okay for me.  I went for the usual style of painting those GB plastics, making a single colour coat and then washing them with Strong Tone from The Army Painter.  Swift and smooth, giving a great result.

Now the reason they needed to be painted so fast, was that in the first of three battles I got this campaign turn, I received two additional warriors to my cavalry unit.  But I only have 4 metal GB models for that, as I`m not to fond of cavalry myself to play with, preferring weathering the storm in solid shieldwalls.

However, the coming two battles, the first against a player who has two thirds of his army knocked out at the moment, and the second one against scotti raiders who field a lot of light cavalry, shock cavalry will be needed.  Or at least handy for those two games.

To that end, I also mounted my Elites now on horses (those 4 metal models are now going to be representing them) as well as the second noble I have in my force, who has the Horseman skill (that one that allows swifter movement over terrain, not really sure from the top of my head how the skill is exactly called) just for those two upcoming games.  Joining them together, that would give me as such a strong 10 man steamroller backed by their own Noble for shock removal and such...

Let`s ride out now and hopefully defeat my enemies on the field of battle... so check back in two weeks to see how it went as I will be putting down the batrep as usual...

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