vrijdag 13 april 2018

Upcoming Big Battles at TSA: april update

The benefit of having your won clubhouse, is that you can use it to play some really large games that take whole days or even weekends.

And in the nearby future, we have quite a few of those lined up, so let's have a little oversight of what to expect the coming months, and which you can expect to see here on the blog by then!

The first of the mega games coming up is the Warhammer 40k battle, organised by Jo.  This game, taking place the 27th of May, will see 2 dozen players put down their forces in a 60k points slugfest.  You will find me on the side of Chaos with my pink phalanx, ed by Lucius, as each player can bring along a maximum of 3000 points for the battle.

In june we will the ACW big battle ran by Glenn, using the TSA houserules developped by Rudi.  An estimated 85 regiments of 20 strong each, plus all the necessary generals and camp aids, will take to the field of battle.  Me and my Irish Brigade will fight on the Union side.  That day, the club will also host a bring and sell for wargamers to go along with it.

Jumping forward to august, the 19th will see the annual megabattle of Age of Sigmar.  This date has only recently been added to the calendar by Jo, so no numbers of players or total forces can be given for the moment.  I will be on bar duty that day, as I gave up on playing AoS myself, but as a club board member gladly help out with those sorts of things.

The last big game so far on the calendar takes place the 12th of october, as the Vikings will invade England, organised by Glenn.  Using the Dux Britanniarum rules, my Irish will join the viking side (god bless multi functional plastic Gripping Beast models) and a real life Viking encampment will be present on the fields outside the clubhouse.

So that's the big battles planned in for now, of course, there are still a lot of weekends in the year, so many more can be organised if you feel the calling!

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