dinsdag 10 april 2018

One Year back to Wargaming

Today marks the anniversary that it`s one year since I decided to get back into wargaming "full time".

After a break of about 5 years (2012 - 2017), though I did visit a Crisis show in 2013 with the nephews, circumstances of a private matter made me get back to the old love last year.

A love that had lasted for 20 years before that (oh, how I remember buying the Warhammer Fantasy Battle game way back in 1992 by mistake... I thought it was a Heroquest expansion with lots of plastic elves and goblins) and always kept nagging in the back of the mind, though I went through a lot of games and periods since then.

While I started again with the intention of playing historicals only, and grabbing a boxed set of SAGA Irish to paint up while restoring what was left of my old collection, the release of newest 40k and Nemesis jumping back on the bandwagon of that game divided my time between historics and sci-fi.  Since then, I got quite some games in, as you could follow on this blog, with joining the TSA Dux Britanniarum campaign and some "mega games" like the French Indian War battle from past february or the Age of Sigmar mega battle last august.  Which was, for a private life reason, a true rollercoaster weekend...

All in all, this resulted in playing 17 games (8 in Dux, 9 in 40k) as well as a troupe of multiplayer games like Rudi`s ACW homemade rules.  While this doesn`t look immense per se, this frankly means about 1 game every two weeks, a good enough ratio for myself so that it doesn`t come to embrassing and kills the evenings you just want to have a chat.  And I wasn`t present every friday so far...

Of course, I was at Crisis again this year as a full fledged member (mostly hauling crates of liquid sustenance to the bar to save the ladies manning it the heavy hassle) and some stuffsies where added to the collection, though I behaved.

One of the things I learned over this first year is that Warhammer is gone and the new incarnation, Age of Sigmar, is really not my thing.  But that rant has been on here multiple times so far...  I do however got reunited with my old love for the ACW Union, and my Pink Phalanx, aka Emperor`s Children, are going strong.  In a manner of speaking that is, because when I need to face Noshi, my GF, it went all a bit very, very south... and ironically, I never got to play that game of SAGA.

As a result, I managed to paint no less then 913 miniatures (626 last year, 287 so far this year) in no small effort boosted by the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge I participated in this year.

Another thing that happened this year, is that I`m back on the board at TSA.  While officially announced past february, it was asked after the Crisis show when two members of the board stepped down for private reasons.  I agreed on doing that, and the "tasks" I received are the relaunch of a (quarterly) newsletter for the club, and the getting the show on the road again to organise some events and tournaments to fill in our open saturdays slots.  To that end, I`m looking towards various sources and systems to see what is feasible, and if you`re a clubmember reading this, and want to do something like that, feel free to drop me a line.

Also, you can see the new format of the clubletter here on this dropbox, but mind you it`s in dutch...

Another thing I`m slowly trying to get running is finally my own YouTube channel, barely used before hand, but at least now I`m trying to upload at least the weekly On the Painting Desk series through that medium instead of using pictures like in the beginning.  Just because I enjoy doing it, and well, it`s another medium and easy to "store" video`s anyways and find them back more or less smoothly.  Going forward, I`m aiming as well to upload "something" every middle part of the week if able (tue - wed - thu depending how it comes out).

So that is it, the first year anniversary in hindsight.  Lots of things happened, but a lot more things are planned (both event wise as well as painting wise) for the coming 12 months, so keep an eye on this little corner of the internet and join me on this renewed journey.

Didn`t that sound poetic...

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