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White Dwarf April 2018

It's been a while since I did this, as I plainly forgot to do them every time, but it's time for a short review of the newest White Dwarf.

Now, I admit, when I quit the GW hobby a few years before getting out of wargaming as a whole, WD had dwindled down to an advertising magazine.  But ever since getting back and buying it last year april again, I find it greatly improved.

Sure, it's still a magazine that caters a hobby made by a single company, but that doesn't mean it can have intresting material in it, and this month is particularly nice in my opinion, including some lovely exclusives.

Introduction - a few words on the new Ncron codex and the Forgebane box
Planet Warhammer - all the new releases for this month, including the Black Library novels and licensed videogames
Readers Letters
Temporal Distort - taking you back to the Tau heavy issue 400.  Unfortunatly that gives it more coverage then last months issue when Codex T'au was released and we only got an article on the artwork of the young fledgling empire
Getting Started With... - this month covers the golden boys of AoS, the Stormcast Eternals
The Ultimate Guide To - Idoneth Deepkin.  While the newest army for Age of Sigmar is from a game that doesn't intrest me anymore, I must admit the models look drop dead gorgeous!  Turtle riders, twisted seahorses... these underwater aelves are all wondefull sculpts.

Battle Report: The Blackstone Extract - based around the forces of the Forgebane boxed set, the Mechanicus takes on the Necrons.

Hall of Fame - a look at some of the classic GW models
Tale of Four Warlords - four budding warlords expand on their Age of Sigmar forces in this monthly feature of a great series

Collections in Middle-Earth - takes a look at some great paintjobs and diorama's out there
Honour and Loyalty - in this collecting article, the House of Makabius knights are looked at
Battleground: The River of Souls: the creation of the newest studio battle table

Tactica Imperialis - in this guide, we take a look at the other new army that came out thi month, being the Dark Eldar or Drukhari and their sadistic cults.

Underworlds Tournament - a look at how to run a tournament event for Shadespire

Maxime's Challenge - Maxime continues painting base figures of various forces in various colour schemes featured in the lores.
The Brown Wizard - this Middle-Earth article takes a look at the adentures of Radagast the Brown during The Hobbit

The Last Alliance - even more Middle-Earth goodness with more Battle Company rules and two new Companies
Chaos Cult Gangs - coming to Necromunda, you now can field your 40k cultists gangers in a bid for total corruption of the hive to the dark gods.

Reader's Models
In the Bunker - what has been going on in the WD studio

And that is it for this month.  Personally, the Shadespire article was highly intresting as we are looking at TSA to do some events on saturdays, and that game is on the radar as a possible candidate for a "side tournament" to something bigger.  I also loved the Necromunda rules, with having about 100 painted cultists lying around, to try them in the game.
Another "dangerous" article was all the Middle-Earth stuff.  As an avid Tolkien reader, I didn't restart gaming the The Hobbit, as I probably won't have many opponents at TSA (but will have at another club I'm in, The Puppeteers) so I am going to look in to that again... even though I say for myself I won't, but who am I fooling...

All in all, a nice and varied issue from which I took some good stuff for myself, and enjoyed reading on the other things I won't play myself.  It's a steal at 8 euros tbh...

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