maandag 9 april 2018

Gent West

The 10th series I've watched already this year, Gent West is a flemish drama series based on the australian Wentworth.

Set in a female prison, it follows the life in the prison of Veronique Dockx, who is in preliminary custody for attempted murder on her husband.


Veronique is incarcerated in the female prison of Gent West, as an investigation is going on for her involvement in an attempted murder on her husband, an abusive, violent type.  In here, she becomes stuck in the middle between the two 'alpha females' of the prison and their crews.  Sam is a young and bratty upstart, out to take over from Kat, a mobster wife who has controlled the prison population for years.

When a riot breaks out, the director is murdered in the chaos and a young psychologist gets the lead of the prison.  She tries to integrate the society better into each other, but this only forces the amount of backstabbing and betrayals more... with fatal conseqences for people cared about outside the prison.

What I liked about it

* It's a strong series, with every character having a dark secret of their own, be they the prisoners or the jailors.  Every episode, another character's secret serves as the backdrop / sidestory and how it is interwoven with the main arc.

What I didn't like about it

* Some storylines remained unanswered decently at the end, like the exact reason of the semingly lesbian relation / attraction between Sam and the warden...

But fortunatly, a second series has been confirmed last week, so those odds and ends might indeen be tied up in that series then.  It's great to see some decent, strong flemish quality series, as our regular channels usually do reality shows, talent hunts and quizzes these days it seem instead of these sorts of high cost and profile series.

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