zondag 8 april 2018

The Haul Report 128

Another week, and a lovely bunch of mainly Dark Age figures joined my collection this week.

From sexy ladies to ugly horses, it offers a bit of both worlds this time round.

Earlier in the week I received my Kickstarter of Hot and Dangerous models I backed.  I went for the three figure pledge, giving me the ACW and AWI ladies, as well as the KS exclusive Lagetha model, a true must have.

These metal figures are awesomly looking, and are made by the polish guys responsible for By Fire and Sword.  High quality sculpts, I'm looking forward to painting them up over time.

On the other hand unfortunatly of the spectrum are the plastic Gripping Beast cavalry whom I obtained through Patrick's Celtic Cross.  While great to bulk out forces, the horses are, sorry to say, apart from one sculpt just downright ugly.

But I needed cavalry fast and cheap for the Dux campaign battle in two weeks time, and as such they where the easiest option to get that fixed...

Now off to assemble those horsies and 'wash paint' them this week...

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