zaterdag 28 april 2018

Lords of war! a Warhammer 40k BatRep with large models

Tonight at TSA, Jo hosted the fourth and final scenario that will influence the big battle at the end of may.

And then this scenario will decide who will be the defender and who the attacker, but more on that at the end...

Both sides deployed their forces, and unfortunatly there was a Shadowsword on the opposing side, who would become a major nuisance.

My painted Knights, the Slaaneshi Penetratus Intensio and because I needed a second one, a Castigator in the form of the Gundam Impulse, buddied up with Nemesis's Death Guard and Iron Warriors knights.

Unfortunatly, the large table would mean most Knights close combat weapons would be useless compared to the heavy guns going round...

And then the mayhem began... Impulse advanced forward at top speed, while Penetratus together with nemesis's Knights caused the first casualty of the battle, one of Ivan`s knights.

Unfortunatly (we used a card draw system to appoint the turn every time, with each player getting a card and then when the corresponding one came up it was his turn to move and do things with his models), Nemesis soon after became the first player to be completely knocked out of the game as his two Knights got burned to a crisp by the 'Sword.

Impulse reached the Shadowsword, and survived the overwatch fire (whoch could easily have killed it), only to rip it down in one go to 3 wounds.

Impulse overwatched the Sword to death after being shot down to one wound and he rolled a 2 for his explosion roll from 3 inch away, so Impulse survived.  But his effort to reach Ivan's other knight went down in burning flames due to overwatch himself.  Chaos was starting to get mounting losses now, and the scenerio win was slipping away as we did not enough damage in return.

Ivan`s second Knight went into a standoff with Intensio now, but with only two turns on the clock and the battle lost, I decided caution is the better idea and went into cover in some ruins.

The Imperium really tossed everything into the lone Knight, and in the fourth turn Jurgen`s and Dimitri`s last Knights fell, making him the only Chaos model standing.

But then my usual luck kicked in, and I prognosed I would survive the battle with one wound remaining.  I went first in the turn but couldn`t finish off Ivan`s knight, but then as fire poured in and most damage was saved... I ended the battle last man standing with one wound remaining indeed.

Chaos had lost, and now we should have to roll to see who would be the attacker and who the defender.  But David, the Imperial supreme commander, and me tossed it on an agreement.  We chose to reverse the "preferred" roles for both sides, so in the big battle the Imperials will become the attacker, and the defenders will be Chaos.

We also divided the table teams for that battle as such, but note that Ruben due to exams will be replaced by Dimitri on table 3, so the pairings are as followed:

One more month to go guys to paint your forces for that extra eye-candy on the huge battle!

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