donderdag 19 april 2018

Opinion: painted armies on the table?

It's been a time since I did an opinion piece on YouTube, and this time in ponder on the "need" of painted armies.

I admit I'm a bit of an elitist on that level, as I always have fielded, ever since I started in the hobby in 1992 with some friends at home, painted forces.

So following up on the One Year post of last week, let`s kick in an open door... 

Okay, so back in those days it was the simple paint on bare metal, single colour affair as so many of us have had... but you get the idea.

So in this video I'm pondering and opinionating on painted forces, the visual pleasuring it gives, and the differences I observe between historical and fantasy gamers on that part.

Feel free to lynch me if you like, or voice your opinion!

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