woensdag 18 april 2018

When Life Changes... so do Goals

At last, back to work...

I managed to get my old job back, though with another company, after 5 years of both studying and a physical problem.  But now the clouds have been raised and the sun pours through, very fitting actually considering it's spring again.

Of course, my whole "real life" has been quit a rollercoaster the past 9 months especially, but we won't get into details on that part.  But it's only normal that this will have a serious impact on the geeky life and the set goals for this year as well.

Because where I had less expendable income and a lot of time for painting figures and watching series until today, that also means I now have far more expendable income and far less painting time come tomorrow.

As I won't be making past mistakes of "neglecting" social life in orde to get one more figure painted, and because the next big investment is buying a house in about 1.5 years... so a big part of the budget will be set aside for that purpose!

But the hobby goals, which is of course the purpose of this post... as it currently stands, I got a few already completed, and I am rather confident at least the anime series (deuh) will get their mark soon.  Even though I'll be falling back on perhaps one or two episodes instead of full series while painting in the future.  As I will just be painting far less or often.

Luckily, with my two "main collections" for the games I'm currently playing, being Warhammer 40k and Dux Britanniarum, far above their needed miniatures point, I'm good to play when I like.

However, the newer projects and side goals on that part might prove harder.  While I see me getting to the mark of the smaller 40k side project of the Heretics if looking objectively, I must admit that I'm currently more into painting historics, so I guess the DBA force for example will be finished far sooner.  I don't have high hopes though of completing either the daemons or the T'au during 2018 though.

I'm going to be pushing the ACW to the front though the coming weeks, as I need to complete two full regiments of 20 figures for the Mega Battle in june, in order to field my Irish Brigade, and as such that will mean blue will be my main painting colour after I finish the 6mm Lacerators who have been standing on my desk for to long now half painted.  Tying up and such you know...

The same goes for both the Blood Bowl team and the 7th Cavalry for Tombstone.  Just like the Crisis figures, these will be pushed back, or only occasionally worked on, during this period, at least until those previously mentioned two regiments are done.  So they can be there for a loooooooong time.  It'll also mean that next years AHPC will be low point cost, very focussed work, probably just my Mongols, and no bonus round distractions.

But heck, these are changes for the better for sure, celebrated with a good beer!

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